Gadgets That Floped In 2013

There was a lot of gadget that disappointed

There was a lot of gadget that disappointed

Gadgets are known to offer functionality to the end users that helps them automate or perform certain tasks in a more efficient, hassle free and sometimes even entertaining way.

With the wide variety of gadgets available in the market at different price ranges and different combination of functions and utility, gadget shopping can be an exciting experience for some and a hair-raising experience for a few. There are multitudes of brands out there highlighting their glitzy marketing gimmicks to allure gadget shoppers. While some gadgets manage to keep their promise and win many hearts, the other just manage to perform their basic functionality.

Apart from these two categories, a few gadgets have made big promises but have missed all grounds of customer expectations. Some of these gadgets that have entered the hall of shame in the year 2013 are listed below.

1. Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel failed to get the customers attention

Google Chromebook Pixel failed to get the customers attention

The high price of the Google Chromebook Pixel is bound to raise the expectations of the buyers. However, the notebook does not offer anything spectacular to compensate for its high price. It is also almost useless without being connected to the internet. Though it got great reviews for its speed and performance, there is a clear need for touch-optimised apps. In addition, its usage can be limited for some users, as it does not offer support for desktop or legacy apps.

2. BlackBerry Z10 priced like IPhone

Though the phone has the sleek look of an Iphone, the operating system is still below expectations. Pegged at a price matching the Iphone, it does not have the same smooth and simple navigation experience. The phone is confusing to use and does not offer a great variety of applications to play with. The battery life has the same disappointing performance like the rest in the blackberry family of phones.


3. Facebook Phone fell flat

Facebook phone or HTC  turned out to be a disappointment

The Facebook phone turned out to be a disappointment

A phone branded as Facebook phone also known as HTC first, is obvious to raise the curiosity and expectation of many. The phone was clearly dead on arrival as its price fell after first month of launch. The phone was designed keeping the Facebook theme- “staying in touch with friends” as the key need for the user, making it less useful for many other segments. Its average features like a poor camera and a variable battery performance make it a bold entry in the flop gadget list of 2013.

The lessons for the gadget shopper from the above gadget disappointments is that one should not get carried away by the sleek looks and extra functionalities the gadget offers. Be very sure of its basic functioning and then pay attention to the extras. Before buying a gadget ask your friends who are using it and do not rely on internet testimonials and some of them may be paid reviews.

Lessons for the gadget manufacturer is that instead of over promising to lure customers and under delivering, they should under promise and delight their customers with a wonderful experience they would love to recommend!

Signs Of A Cheating Partner

Is your partner cheating on you?

Is your partner cheating on you?

Cheating is a symptom that the relationship is becoming or is unhealthy. Cheating breaks trusts, destroys friendships and causes anger, guilt, hurt and negative emotions to the affected parties. Cheating in a relationship does not last and most people know this however, they tend to assume and go on to cheat. Cheating in most cases is accidental and as much as partners do not want to cheat on their partners but a major fact known is that people who experience infidelity once is their lifetime as more prone to experience the same in the future even when they move into new relationships. There are many factors that contribute to cheating in a relationship the most vital factor being the choice of partner if you do not get the person you want or do not lay rules before committing to a relationship then there is a likelihood the partner might cheat. Here are some of the signs of a cheating partner:

Change in belief

When a partner changes his or her beliefs or attitude towards relationship then there is something wrong. A clear example is when your partner usually condemns people who cheat then all over sudden they are lenient about the issue then there might be an issue. Changes in long held attitude and beliefs mean the partner is trying to accommodate new behaviors or thinking.

Changes in body image

A sudden change in body image is an indication that the partner is cheating. Although this should be carefully watched as the partner may be trying to change to spice up the relationship however if this is not the case then he or she is up to something. In most cases people will try to change to suit their partners needs hence if your boyfriend or girlfriend has been okay with their body, then all over sudden wants to change then it is worth watching out.

Picking up fights

Picking up fights is a new behavior

Have they started to pick more fights?

A woman or man in your life may look for all means to create for space or pick up a fight for no apparent reason. This is mostly to show you that you are not compatible or you do not get along. Every relationship has its own problems however if your partner is not willing to talk it out or does not want to change their behavior then its time move on. It is in human psychology to make other people feel offended to justify your own wrong doings.

Taking distance

If your partner is cheating then she or he may decide to deal with it by becoming less involved and engage only in small talk. They may avoid serious objects or conversations like finances, work or the relationship’s future, they try to keep themselves busy and avoid the essential building blocks of a relationship.

Emotional detachment

This is a major problem for cheating partners or spouses; they tend to disengage emotionally from the relationship. Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend used to be very close, loving and affectionate then out of the blues he or she is no longer that close or does not do the things you used to do. This indicates that there is something really wrong. If you ask what the problem is and he or she does not respond well or talk it out then it is time to be careful or even they can start blaming you for their behavior with no exact reason then, they may be up to something outside.

Affection overload

On the other hand, some people may try to cover their illicit affairs by becoming excessively romantic, buying you gifts and showing too much affection to hide their guilt. If they show these signs all over sudden yet they were not this way before then it is crucial to watch out.

He/she is cheating on you

He/she is cheating on you

There are numerous signs of a cheating partner but the main point is to always ensure that you talk with your partner over any issue to avoid misunderstanding and feeling that one is taken for granted. This is the major problem that causes people to cheat.

3 Natural Ways To Drop 5-7 Pounds In Just Two Weeks

Don't be scared of the scale

Don’t be scared of the scale

All gains and no pains” is the thing that most of the people want when they think of losing weight. It’s not that overweight people are lazy or they don’t want to work out. It’s just that people have so many other priorities that they really don’t have enough time to pay attention to their weight loss schedule. Probably due to this situation, many harmful and damaging weight loss solutions are getting launched in the market as `quick fix’ remedies. Some of them ruins your nutrient absorption mechanism while few just damage the normal hormonal production in body in order to `unnaturally force the body’ to lose weight. So, instead of falling prey to such methods you can try out these marvelous natural remedial solutions in order to lose weight in just two weeks!

Live a `salt free’ life for two consecutive weeks

Most of the people consume more sodium in their regular diets than they should. This is because of the reliance of the people on the packaged food, canned food, chips, snacks etc. If you will read the labels of these food items then you’ll be shocked to see the amount of sodium in them. Sodium is one of the biggest culprit for bloating and apparent weight gain because it makes the body tissues hold water. You need to avoid sodium in your daily diet so that the water retention level in your body tissues slowly drops down. You can use `replacement potassium salt’ or seasonings like dill, nutmeg etc to suppress the salt cravings. By abolishing salt for two weeks you will at least shed about 5-8 pounds of weight in two weeks in a guaranteed manner.

Effectiveness of high fiber diet can’t be overstressed

Go on a healthy diet

Go on a healthy diet

This is another very easy way to lose weight in record time without doing any sort of physical activity. This high fiber diet not only saves you from frequent hunger pangs but it also makes your skin glow because of the cleansing nature of this diet. You have to lower your carbohydrate and protein intake while upping your fiber intake. The avoidance of bad carbohydrates is also very necessary while following a high fiber diet. You can consume fresh fruits and green vegetables in this diet. Food items like lettuce, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, spinach etc can be consumed in this form of diet. You will surely lose more than 5 pounds in two weeks by following this method.

Resort to cinnamon to dramatize weight loss!

Lose weight in a healthy way

Lose weight in a healthy way

Cinnamon will probably remain the topmost weight loss secret of this decade because of its efficiency. Although majority of the people are not aware of its weight loss benefits but it is truly a miraculous natural spice. The people who consume cinnamon lose about 4-8 pounds of weight in 10 days without doing any special physical exercise. This fact has been proven through clinical trials that a mixture of cinnamon with some honey can help in quick fat loss from the body. You can consume cinnamon soup multiple times a day in order to reap its weight loss benefits.

Body’s immune system severely reacts to abrupt hormonal changes that are induced by harmful quick fix weight loss solutions. Therefore you must try to discover the natural route to weight loss with these tips. These tips have helped millions of people to visibly lose weight in one to two weeks only.

Attracting Better Finances

Saving money

Saving money

Have you ever wondered why some people always have enough flow of finances while others struggle to pay their bills? Both of you may be working equally hard and may be equally educated but thinking and acting differently can make a big difference to your finances. Thought become things. It is said that what you think and feel affects the universe and like attracts like. This is called the universal Law of attraction. Applying this theory to your personal finances may help you attract better finances. Here are a few tips talking about how to use the law of attraction to improve your finances:

Count your blessings

Gratitude help you get more of what you are grateful for. You may be in a financial pit but do remember that you have been taken care of by abundance in wealth for all these years of your existence.

Spend time to think of all the things that you have received from the universe that you could afford in the past. Thank the universe from your heart from being kind enough to take care of you.

Calculate the amount of monies you have spent from the day you were born till date. It would amount to millions of dollars. Thank the universe sincerely for taking care of you.

Don’t fret while paying your bills. When you focus on something it will grow. So if you focus on your bills you are likely to find more bills in your mailbox.

Focus on your cheques and express gratitude towards your ability to make payments. You will be surprised to find cheques of pending payments, unexpected bonuses etc in your mailbox.

Use Visualisation and Make mental movies

Focus on your goal to attract better finances

Focus on your goal to attract better finances

Visualisation is a powerful tool to attract better finances. When you visualise you need to feel and experience the details of your improved financial life.

Make a mental movie and imagine spending happy carefree time with your family at a vacation or visualize your bank balance with added figures.
You can write yourself a cheque with an amount and date that makes you feel good. It is however important to feel good while visualisation. If you visualize and have any iota of doubt in your mind, you are not likely to attract good finances.

Believe in Abundance

Believe in Abundance

Believe in Abundance

Being stingy and miserly may reflect your poor outlook or disbelief in your future abundance that is awaiting you. If you believe that the universe is abundant and all your needs and wishes will be taken care of, you will not be so tight fisted and will also offer help to your loved ones and society at large.

Believe in what you deserve

It is important that you believe that you deserve the riches. If you feel that you are not worthy of better finances, you are likely not to get them. Find goodness in yourself and up your self worth as you are a special child of the universe.

Keep thinking positively

Keep thinking positively

All successful and rich people of the world have been using these laws for ages. Since the age-old secret laws of the universe are now known to you, apply them to your personal finances and watch your bank balance prosper!

Tips On How To Select The Right Network Marketing Company

Do you need help selecting the right online network marketing company? Follow our tips

Do you need help selecting the right online network marketing company? Follow this tips

Literally, there are numerous network marketing companies online. Within the industry there are several good companies that offer quality goods and services. This network marketing industry has good things to provide for everybody and that is the reason why it is essential to get a company that can fit your personalities.
The following are some of the tips on how to select a network marketing company:

i) Check on the products and services the company offers

Products and services are the foundation of each networking marketing company. You should check at some of the things that you would use a product for if you are going to promote that particular product. In spite of what others say regarding what the network marketing company is selling and with no belief in that product, you will appear phony and fake. Therefore, it is very useful to check on the products and services that the company provides.

ii) Stability of the network marketing company

Make sure it´s the right choice

Make sure it´s the right choice

You need a company with good historical background and track records of engaging in good business. There are several poorly managed and structured network marketing companies. You need to check on Google or BBB and check at the reviews that the company you would like to select has. This will provide you with adequate information about the network marketing company you would wish to select.
Besides, you should be careful since if you select a bad company then you will get the poor products and services that the company provides. Therefore consider checking at the company’s stability before you make a decision to select that company.

iii) The compensation plan that the company uses

Understanding network marketing

Understanding network marketing

It is extremely essential that you fully understand how you will be paid. There are many compensation plans that you need to be aware of in a network marketing company. There are some compensation plans that are based on the percentages while others are based on the number of sales. Select a company that makes sense to you. This will assist you avoid any confusion that may arise. In case you are not sure of the compensation plans of the company, then you need to contact the support site of the company to learn more about the way you will be paid.

Finally, it should not be hard to select a network marketing company if you are very certain of what you are searching for. With the above tips on how to select a network marketing company, you will be able to get the best network marketing company.